Friday, December 9, 2011

EPISODE 7: An Early Wrap?

Episode 7: An Early Wrap? -- Stacy tries to save the movie from inevitable failure and patch up things between Tony and Sam; Dylan returns to the set a broken man; Chris continues to make Jonathan's life hell; Leaf goes on a joy ride.

MINISODE 17: Talking Stick 2

Minisode 17: Talking Stick 2 -- Another meeting is held to air out the group's

MINISODE 16: Dog Day

Minisode 16: Dog Day -- Nicole brings her dog to the set, and Tony tries to
steal back the limelight.

EPISODE 6: Bro Date

Episode 6: Bro Date -- Stacy's bad luck continues as she loses control of the movie; Chris pines for Alex, and arranges a bro date for him, Dylan, Jonathan--and her; Dylan and Katie come to serious problems; Sam frames Tony for murder, so Tony gets a restraining order against Sam.

MINISODE 15: Parcore for the Course

Minisode 15: Parcore for the Course -- Guillermo, Tony's new stunt artist,
attends a Parcore class.

MINISODE 14: Fundraiser 3: Improve Night

Minisode 14: Fundraiser 3: Improv Night -- To raise money, Dylan, Chris, and
Tony do a comedy gig.

MINISODE 13: What a Dick

Minisode 13: What a Dick --Sam rules terror on the set.

MINISODE 12: Broke 2

Minisode 12: Broke 2 -- Stacy and Dylan meet with Alana and learn that they're
not as out of the water as they thought.

EPISODE 5: New to the Group

Episode 5: New to the Group -- Stacy, Chris, and Blake leave the set to cast a new actress; Dylan, left in charge, discovers how tough it is to be boss--especially when he has to deal with Tony's psychotic mentor.


Minisode 11: The Ed: Ed the Editor tries to cut the movie, while dealing with
obnoxious guests.

MINISODE 10: Talking Stick

Minisode 10: Talking Stick: A meeting is held to air out cast & crew grievances.

MINISODE 9: Dusty's Virgina

Minisode 9: Dusty's Virgina --The cast and crew become obsessed with a
specific catch phrase.

MINISODE 8: A Special Guy

Minisode 8: A Special Guy -- Tony's typical day at the San Ramon Special
Needs school.

MINISODE 7: The Bullhorn

Minisode 7: The Bullhorn -- Stacy hates Chris' bullhorn, and she recruits Leaf to
fix the problem.

MINISODE 6: The Slave

Minisode 6: The Slave -- Leather brings her slave to the set, and the group finds
that he makes an excellent PA.

EPISODE 4: Produced

Episode 4: Produced -- In desperate times, Chris is forced to put Stacy on as producer but schemes for a way to get her to leave; Sam gives Tony a peace offering.

MINISODE 5: Fundraiser 2: Bikini Dog Wash

Minisode 5: Fundraiser 2: Bikini Dog Wash -- To raise money, Dylan and Chris
host a bikini dog wash.

MINISODE 4: A New Leaf

Minisode 4: A New Leaf --Tony has a lot of demands, and it's Leaf's job to
make sure they're met.

MINISODE 3: Fundraiser 1: Pancake Booth

Minisode 3: Fundraiser 1: Pancake Booth -- To raise money, Dylan and Chris
host a pancake booth.


Minisode 2: Broke -- Dylan and Chris see Alana, their budget woman, and they
discover where their money is going.

MINISODE 1: The Old Woman and the C

Minidode 1: The Old Woman and the C -- Myrtle and Chris butt heads as they
try to share the same space.

EPISODE 2: First Day of Shooting

Episode 2: First Day of Shooting -- Chris proves to be the director from hell, and it's up to Dylan to put him in his place; Leaf is sent on a mission to find the ultimate prop: a 12-Steps sign.

EPISODE 1: The Preeshoot Party

Episode 1: The Preshoot Party
Dylan, ready to make a movie, attends the preshoot party, only to discover that Chris, the director, has spent the entire budget on it; Sam does his best to convince Tony that he has a weight problem.