Chris Blair as Chris the Director
Evangeline Reilly as Stacy the Producer
Daniel Bernstein as Blake the Director of Photography (DP)
Dillon Petrillo as Dylan the Assistant Director (AD)
Maria Fe Picar as Maria the 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD)
Guillermo Martinez as Guillermo as the Assistant Cameraman (AC)
Diana Dicostanzo as Nicole the Unit Production Manager (UPM)
Land Smith-Abbinante as Leaf the Best Boy (BB)
Heather Ryan as The Dominatrix the Script Supervisor (SS)

Marcus Sams as Tony (Jay)
Daniel Sullivan as Jonathan (Fred)
Paul Cotten as Sam (Mike)
Natasha Muse as Natasha (Betty)
Melanie Sutrathada as Alex (Lindsay)
Ellie MacBride as Katie (Carrie)
Nahid Eldgadi as Jenn
Irit Levi as Myrtle Thomas, Dylan’s Grandmother
Lola Griffin as Alana the Accountant

Creator - Chris Blair
Producer - Danielle Gasbarro
Director - Chris Casilli
DP - Cory McElrea
Production Manager – Jaimie Walker
AC - Raffaele Vesco
Editor - Cha Apostol


Chris Blair is a filmmaker, writer, and improviser. He's worked on assorted projects, including co-producing and writing the short Pancakes. He's been a member of several improv troupes and has performed on stages across the country (including the UCB in New York). He is currently a director and instructor at Endgames Improv, and he performs in their weekly flagship show, Your F!@#ed Up Relationship.

Evangeline Reilly is an actor, writer and producer currently based in Oakland. She recently debuted her one-woman show, Chrysalis, at The Garage in SF.  She performs with Oakland-based sketch comedy group Femikaze. Recent film projects include Dead Man Working, Background, and Tease. She played the title role in the premiere of off-off-Broadway rock musical, Lost’a Luck, Lucy Lake

Dan Bernstein is an avid writer of bios. You can read his most recent bio here.


Maria Fe Picar is a native San Franciscan who has been dancing and choreographing for the past twenty years. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from San Francisco State University. She began acting five years ago as the result of taking voice-over classes at Voice-One. Her credits include commercials for The Filipino Channel (TFC) that includes Magnolia Ice-Cream, Pure Calamansi, and Orientex Lumpia. She has also just finished a major role in the musical Almond Eyes, based on the life of Dorothy Toy a performer from The Forbidden City night club in SF.  Other credits include ensemble work for the SF Theater Festival, the SF Fringe Festival and Brava Theater as well as numerous short films for local Bay Area film contests including East Bay Express, Berkeley Community Media Festival, the 48 Hour Film Festival, Roots Division, Three Minute Film Festival and the Asian Film Lab Shoot-Out

Melanie Sutrathada is an actor, dancer and host currently based in the Bay Area. She has been acting since the age of 9, and has always found release and joy in theatre and film with over 25 productions and projects under her belt. She feels most at home on stage and in front of a camera, and could not imagine a life without performance. Her most recent credits include the lead in Mark Dresche's Fear and the role of Eliza in DMT's production of The King and

Guillermo Martinez is an animator and improviser performing with SF based long-form teams 50 Centaurs and The Local. Guillermo was a member of IOCUS, Puerto Rico's top improv company and he was part of the Team Puerto Rico in 2007 IMPRO-SPORT's International Improv Festival where he performed with incredible teams from Peru, Mexico, Spain, Chile, and USA.



Heather Ryan is an SF-based actress and improviser, represented by Tonry Talent. She has starred in several short films, with roles ranging from an obnoxious college student to a mother with a dying son, and also has experience in commercial work and voice acting. Heather recently finished shooting a feature length film, CXL, and is currently a member of Technically Virgins Improv. Heather is not a dominatrix in real life, but she will let you lick her boots for a price.

Marcus Sams is a professionally working actor in the greater Bay Area. With representation in SF and Sacramento, he performs in films, commercials, and corporate industrials. Sams received his B.A. in Theatre Arts from CSU Chico in 2004, studied improv at the Lila Theatre, and has been trained by some of the most influential improv teachers of our time including David Razowsky, Susan Messing, Joe Bill and Mark Sutton to list a few.  In the improv world, Sams currently performs with the improv duo Shades of Grey which was recently invited to perform and teach at the Gainesville Improv Festival in Florida. Sams taught his two hour workshop on World Creation at the festival.  Sams also currently co- produces an improv jam show in SF called ImprovLUV. One of the major successes of 2010 was a co-produced/co-created 6 week long sold out improvised sitcom called, Future Style ’79 where he was in a brown corduroy suit and roller-skates the entire show. He was also a member of the critically acclaimed improv group, Oui Be Negroes, where he performed at improv festivals around the country and in the SF Improv Festival three times. Sams directed and produced the monthly improv jam/show, Temenos for the Lila Theatre as well as performed in over 12 of their shows.  In college he directed the CSU Chico’s improv ensemble, Wandering Minds.

In the film world, Sams has just come from the set of Nobody’s Laughing, a hilarious mock-umentary of a clown’s coming out. He has been seen in Unflinching Triumph: The Phillip Rockhammer Story, which was hailed by The Wall Street Journal, as “one of the top five of what to watch on the web”, and has done dramatic work in the film Gangsters Guilt that examines cycle of violence that plagues the streets of America.  Currently Sams is also the comedic news anchor/writer for the Variety Society, an SF-based late night talk show. Sams is also filming a web series, where he plays the PR Manager to a has-been Christian rock group entitled Honest to Goodness, which will air mid-2011.

Paul has starred in productions throughout the Bay Area both in theatre and on film. His film credits include I am a Sex Addict, La Maladie de la Morte, and Point of Departure.  Commercial credits include spots for National Geographic and TiVo. He has had his work produced on stage at the Phoenix Theater as well as the Exit Theater.

His training includes workshops and classes at the Bay Area Theater Sports (BATS) improv organization, the A.C.T. Theater, and Full Circle Productions. In addition he has studied and worked with Stephen Drewes, Nickie Anderton, and Leslie Felbain among others.

Irit Levi can most recently be seen in the film The Steppes featured at the Moscow International Film Festival which she produced as well. Irit has starred in numerous features and shorts including her performance as Louise Tolliver in the SF staging of the Puccini opera, Turando, and Mama in The Traffic Gods. Irit can be reached at (415) 285-9112.

In 2010, Danielle Gasbarro graduated from Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business with a degree in Marketing and Media Management. Her most recent project was developing and producing the new media web venture about life in Boston called 617, The Series.

Prior to graduating, Danielle worked at several prominent television channels, including Planet Green, a subsidiary network within the Discovery Communications portfolio; New York City TV (NYC TV), the official television network of the city of New York; and Milton Access Television (MATV), a local access channel for the town of Milton, Massachusetts. Her involvement at these stations concentrated in both the Marketing and Production/Development departments. During college, Danielle worked on the production side of several short films shot both in New York and Boston. Additionally, she provided script coverage for an entertainment law firm in the Boston area.

Raffaele Vesco is an SF-based independent videographer and photographer. He was born and raised in Italy where he studied law at the University of Bologna. After graduating law school he decided to pursue his passion for film and video and moved to Rome where he worked as a set designer. Since 2010 he has transitioned into videography and editing. He has written, shot and edited two short movies while his third short is in preproduction.  Additionally, he has worked in numerous projects as a camera operator and assistant.  His work can be viewed at

Chris Casilli was born April 10th, 1985 in Nyack, New York. His foray into film started innocently enough. By the time he graduated high school, Chris had produced several short films with his friends under his mock production company "Strike Team Productions". He didn't truly find his passion for film until midway through his college term while at the University of Delaware.  Upon graduation, he was determined to pursue film once he returned home.

NYC afforded Chris a great opportunity to immerse himself with the independent scene. He was able to work with acclaimed filmmakers such as two-time Emmy award winner Bob Bushfield and accomplished filmmaker Dan Eberle. Chris learned invaluable knowledge and worked on various projects like Prayer to a Vengeful God and Effections.  Now Chris's journey has taken him westward in order to hone and perfect his craft. He hopes to one day establish himself and reach that level to be considered an accomplished director and filmmaker.