Making a movie about suicide has never been so funny! Take a power-hungry director, a pushover producer, and a child-star turned primadona lead actor, and you have Tragedy Club, a mockumentary following an amateur crew's attempt at making a feature film (titled, The Tragedy Club, a light-hearted yarn about a suicide prevention group's transformation into a deadly cult). With virtually no budget, they have a director who insists on elegant Hollywood parties and explosion scenes, and an actor whose lists of demands includes a makeup tent furnished with a massage chair and an original Nintendo. Follow the cast and crew trying to make it big while dealing with a grandmother tired of them filming in her house, bikini dog-wash fundraisers, pranks, a vicious love triangle, a script supervisor who doubles as a dominatrix, and, of course, several suicide attempts. They all learn the tragically hilarious way that life imitates art.

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Some Awesome Company is producing Tragedy Club, and they're unique for at least two reasons plus they're local.   

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